Saturday, August 06, 2016

Fifth Wedding Anniversary

Today is the fifth anniversary of what I would call the greatest day of my life. It was five years ago today at the Marilla Center that mine and Michelle's friends and families all gathered to assist us in joining the bounds of matrimony.

I was a single man for a very long time, I'm quite sure that many wondered if I would ever get married, but I was just waiting for that one special woman to come back into my life.

Michelle and I first met in 1999, she was the manager of Valley Mart and I was driving a potato chip truck for Mister Bees. I stopped off to make a delivery at the store and low and behold I saw this beautiful woman who was working there. Now usually as a vendor you want to be in and out of every store as quick as possible so you can make it to the next store and the next one and so on. This day was different for me, I ended up staying around for a couple of hours, throwing my entire schedule off to find something out about this wonderful woman.

Flip ahead a couple of months and I am starting college and need a job. So once again I went back to work for the Valley Mart and guess who was still the manager there. Only one major problem, this woman was married with two kids and I had no intentions of even attempting to be a home wrecker. I respected her and Rich's vows and never once made a move. She eventually moved on and so did I.

Once again flip ahead to 2007. Jean and I are at WalMart shopping for Christmas Eve dinner for our Christmas Eve Dinner at Klaer Lodge. Who do we run into? Michelle and her daughter Hayley. We briefly spoke a minute or two and she had told me that she was a widow, that her husband had passed away. Mister dumbass here didn't get the clue and had to be reminded by Jean, go ask her to come to the Christmas Eve Dinner which I did. Would you believe she stood me up? I was excited for her to be there, and she stood me up.

Well times goes forward and I'm dating someone else at the time and she finds me on MySpace once again and we accept each others friend requests. "I Think I am Single" were the magic words,that I spoke. It was from that point on that we were basically in each others lives. A couple of days later we go out on our first date, that was 3,066 wonderful and life changing days ago.

So after you start dating, engagement was the next step but I did make her wait. 777 days to be exact, my lucky number and I figured that I would make it count for me. I had only ever planned on getting married once in my life and this was going to be it.

So it was on this day, August 6th five years ago today that my life had forever changed, I was finally married and I was marrying that one special woman that I had waited my entire life for.

Five years ago we were married. In front of our friends and family, Michelle and I exchanged our vows and she became Mrs. Hall.

To my wonderful wife Michelle, we have enjoyed so much together, soon to be our fifth cruise, trips to Niagara Falls and other places. You have my life complete and I love you from the bottom of my heart. I look forward to each and every new day that we share together and forever cherish the time that those days create. Happy fifth Wedding Anniversary.

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