Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Hump Day

Two days down, now all we have to do is get up over the noon time hump today and everything will be all downhill after that. It's Hump Day!!!

I have to admit that I had my flu shot this season, but I have been battling that nasty thing I will refer to as the crud the past few days. I would characterize it more as a sinus infection with a slight fever more than anything else. No complaints though if this is as bad is it gets, I guess I can consider myself pretty lucky to have avoided anything like this the past couple of years.

Anyone reading about all the crime that is going on around Morgantown lately? There was a robbery at a residence close to where I live, and armed robbery down the road from where I live and not to mention stabbings across town earlier this week. When did Morgantown become such a crime infested place to live? What has happened to my city that has caused stuff like this to happen with this frequency anymore. It's a little disturbing to say the very least. Not as bad as the idiot who tried to rob the gun store down the road last month, hand that guy a Darwin Award.

I have finally made some additions to the Hall Family Tree this past week. I made a few edits and added quite a few people as well as updated a few pictures. If you have not received an invite e-mail from me, please get in touch with me and I'll set you up for full access to the site if it pertains to you. It sat idle all Summer, so now I am updating it.

Have a Great Day.

Hi ho hi ho

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