Thursday, June 20, 2013

Photo Flashback Thursday

Once a week I like to take a little bit of time out to look through all my pictures and select just one special moment in time that was captured through the lens of a camera and relive that moment in my blog. This is one of my favorite blogs of the week to write as it causes me to take a little bit of time out and reflect on days gone by. Sometimes this is a pretty easy task and finding that right picture is simple, sometimes it's not very easy and I struggle with brain farts to find something that I haven't done before and is memorable. One thing it is however, is always a whole lot of fun.

This weeks picture goes back a few years, back to the end of an era in my life. This was the last group of guys that I played softball with. My 26 or 27 seasons at BOPARC had come to an end and my body wasn't able to do what I wanted it to do anymore, so this was my final team. A great group of guys that I still consider part of my extended family even to this day.

We didn't win any Championships nor were we even a playoff caliber team. We were about middle of the pack but had some tremendous talent on the team.This was the final MiHaley's team and the end of my career playing a sport that I had loved so much.

There are days that I wish I could be at the ballpark, at least watching the guys I used to team with or just watching a good game being played. I haven't been back since I retired, but maybe I should go catch a a game or two.

Hi ho hi ho

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