Saturday, June 29, 2013

Rosiak Party

Well so much for my normal Saturday Morning Spiel, Michelle got up the same time that I did this morning, she's already drinking her first cup of coffee probably waiting on my to make my world famous "How U Do" breakfast sandwich for her. She's going to go to Southern States this morning to get a propane tank filled for Val's party tomorrow.

This afternoon, we will once again be bringing out the big squirt gun for its annual bit of fun as we attend the Rosiak Family 4th of July Party.

The picture you see is the board they keep adding to every year, but this picture was probably taken ten years ago and is much larger right now. As you can see yours truly is very well represented on these boards. I look forward to going to this every Summer, I think the last one I did not go to was in 1997.

I've watched Arron grown up from a young one to a 6'7" pretty large individual. I've watched the makeup of almost the entire party change, and kids grow up. I've seen new people come and go and have always felt more than welcomed there.

I think this is my 16th one, but my math may be off.

Have a great day.

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