Monday, June 03, 2013

Back To Work

Well now it's time to stop all of the fun that we have been having over the weekend and time to get our noses back on the grindstone to do what it is we do so that we can live the lifestyles we want to live. I really do love my job, so I honestly don't mind going to work. I do however enjoy the weekends and this one is now behind us.

It was a busy but productive weekend where we got a whole lot of chores done around the house. I've ordered a new TV that should arrive in the near future to replace the one that we had in the bedroom for the past few years. That was the one that my lovely wife put the Wii remote through but still worked somewhat, and by somewhat I mean about 2/3 of the picture and fading. I'm getting a smaller smart TV to mount and open up some dresser space as the other one sat there and basically did nothing but collect dust. I've already recycled that one at Best Buy, now it's waiting fore the new one.

We spent yesterday afternoon attending a funeral. A funeral of someone I never had the honor of meeting in my life, but so many around me were on the same circle. It's amazing that this one person was such a centerpiece of many of people in my life. From Trish, Layla and Arron, to her husband Joe being babysit by her as a child, Michelle'e late husband Richard used to give her a ride to work everyday, to being the sister and Aunt of a couple of long time softball team mates, to our friends Paula and Lynn in Maryland. It just makes you realize what a small world it is and it was a common component in so many of my friends lives.

This is the last day officially for school for kids in Monongalia County, but my guess is attendance is not going to be 100% today as most of the kids have either officially or unofficially started their summer vacations.

Hi ho hi ho

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