Sunday, September 17, 2023


Here I sit once again in a quiet household, Kiwi and I are up discussing last night's game. I was telling how well Amy and Ralph hosted the evening and how they used that big inflatable screen so we could all sit and watch the game. 

It was nice to see everyone last night, it was a great time had by all minus a few people who couldn't make it. It was a lovely feast and an evening of watching Mountaineer Football with some family. Terri usually hosts one of these games a year, but this year Amy and Ralph stepped up with the perfect facilities. 

So what is on today's agenda? Grocery shopping of course. We made out our menu for the week last night and we'll be shopping for what we need to complete the menus this morning. It is our typical Sunday Morning routine that we do every Sunday Morning. It is relaxing and enjoyable for both of us when we spend some time together and do some shopping. I know some people like to order ahead of time and pick it up, we just like to do our own shopping, you never know what you may find. Want milk, a shopper is going to grab the front container where we grab the container with the oldest expiration date. 

Watch for some Hi hi hi ho's this week, the company I worked for this Summer has some additional funding and I'm going to finish up my contract with Lancesoft and slowly transition over to Parsons on what they call a casual employee basis. Meaning I'm in their system, I have their equipment and when there is work I am available, it's an inside track to getting my foot in the door with an international Company with a lot of GIS work and crews where I will have the opportunity to work remotely. If I get on full time this could carry me all the way to retirement unless another opportunity comes up and yes there is something else in the works but in more Sunny weather. 

Have yourselves a great day, the Steelers don't play today (and they didn't really play last week either) but play Cleveland tomorrow night on Monday Night Football.

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