Wednesday, September 06, 2023

My Personal Music Top 12, #3

 Looking for something different to do on Wednesdays, so I thought I would come up with a series of My personal Top 10 (it's going to be 12 in this case) of my favorite music growing up through the years. I decided I did not want to repeat any artists to allow for a variety, so I had to come up with 12 unique songs by 12 unique artists that I personally have enjoyed the most through the years. I'll do one song/artist every Wednesday from my own personal preference. How well do you know me? Do you think you know my top 12 and in order? 

#12 If you Don't Know me by Now - Simply Red

#11 I Believe in You - Don Williams

#10 Still They Ride - Journey

#9 Rough Boy - ZZ Top

#8 Immigrant Song -  Led Zepplin

#7 Paper in Fire - John Mellencamp

#6 Fins -  Jimmy Buffett

#5  Pour Some Sugar on Me - Def Leppard

#4  Turn the Page - Bob Seger 

#3 Listen to What the Man Said - Paul McCartney and Wings 

This was a tough one for me, for one I love the Beatles who are the most successful band in music history, but this song is Paul McCartney and has a very specific meaning to me. While I am a big Beatles fam I was a bigger Paul McCartney fan so I put him in the countdown with his work with wings rather than the Beatles. 

Listen to what the man said takes me back to the Summer of 1975. The old Riverside Pool was in its final year of existence, the year before Krepps Park opened, and I used to go with my cousins and Aunt every day of the summer to the pool. Sharon, Lynne, Glenna Mae and I were always there, it was pool you actually had to drive to as it was out close to Maidsville along the river. Where the Longview Power, Loading Dock currently resides.  

It seemed like for weeks every time we pulled into the parking lot, this song was always playing on the radio. So I have always associated it with a great Summer and a place I used to love to go and swim at. Anything goes at that pool, scuba masks, boats, inflatable floating lounge chairs, you name it the pool was big enough to accommodate everything. 

 I miss those days, but every time I hear this song or 25 or 6 to 4 by Chicago it always takes me back to that summer swimming with a two very special cousins. 

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