Wednesday, September 13, 2023

My Personal Music Top 12, #2

Looking for something different to do on Wednesdays, so I thought I would come up with a series of My personal Top 10 (it's going to be 12 in this case) of my favorite music growing up through the years. I decided I did not want to repeat any artists to allow for a variety, so I had to come up with 12 unique songs by 12 unique artists that I personally have enjoyed the most through the years. I'll do one song/artist every Wednesday from my own personal preference. How well do you know me? Do you think you know my top 12 and in order? 

#12 If you Don't Know me by Now - Simply Red

#11 I Believe in You - Don Williams

#10 Still They Ride - Journey

#9 Rough Boy - ZZ Top

#8 Immigrant Song -  Led Zepplin

#7 Paper in Fire - John Mellencamp

#6 Fins -  Jimmy Buffett

#5  Pour Some Sugar on Me - Def Leppard

#4  Turn the Page - Bob Seger 

#3 Listen to What the Man Said - Paul McCartney and Wings 

#2 5150 - Van Halen

Now we are getting down to the absolute nitty-gritty to my top 12. I have always been a Sammy Hagar fan, and when David Lee Roth left Van Halen and Sammy joined, I thought it was the absolute perfect match and I was not wrong. Truth be told Sammy was the first act at my first rock concert years ago. He was the opening act at the Coliseum back in 1979, and that was the first time I was ever exposed to Sammy's Music. He was the opening act to the band who holds the #1 distinction on my countdown ironically. 

Eddie Van Halen has to be one of the greatest guitarists ever, he had his own unique sound that could not be confused with anyone else. When these two got together on their first collaboration together, the album was called 5150 and 5150 just happens to be my favorite track from my favorite album. 

I was fortunate enough to this particular group (not with Roth or Gary Cherone) of Van Halen years ago at the old Star Lake. It was during the Balance tour, the last tour they did before they split the first time. 

If I want to hear something uplifting and will get you pumped, Van Halen was usually my go to and this is the song I probably listen to the most. 

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