Sunday, September 03, 2023

RIP Jimmy Buffett

When I woke up yesterday morning, I was excited because it was the start of football season. Kiwi and I were both excited as we started our day despite being bug underdogs last night. 

The news broke early yesterday morning, I saw it from a friends post on Facebook that one of my all time favorite artists, someone I have seen in concert I think 12 times had been battling a battle with skin cancer that turned fatal. Jimmy Buffett a man whose followers are a nation called Parrotheads were all in total shock when we learned of his passing. 

When I found out the news Michelle was still sleeping, I was trying to think of a way to tell her when she got up so that it would not be too big of a shock and disappointment. A co-worker had texted her and informed her so when she got out of bed she was already sad as she had already heard the news. 

Michelle and I made it an annual think to travel to Pittsburgh to see Jimmy, the only show that we actually missed (but had tickets to) was last years when Michelle was feeling under the weather and we did not make it to Burgettstown. There was the year before when we did not buy tickets, but that was a COVID year and the concert never took place. Our last one was when they had the big ticketing issue at the Pavillion but we rode the limo up that year and were parked on the opposite side of where we usually parked. 

RIP Jimmy, Wings Up

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