Saturday, September 02, 2023

Game Day!!!

Here Kiwi and I sit all excited, it is the start of the 2023 WVU Football Season. Kiwi is a big football fan, he's just not a fan of all the wings people like to eat that are associated with Football. He's OK with Hot Dogs, Nachos, French Fries, and other things that do not involve bird parts being sacrificed for our culinary enjoyment. 

The season does start today for both WVU and Penn State. Two schools that have played 59 times previously, but have not played against each other since 1992. Last season we renewed an old rivalry against Pitt (who we play again in two weeks) and this season it is Penn State. The Mountaineers have not won at Penn State since Fred Wyant was our starting Quarterback in 1954. 

The Mountaineers enter the game as a 21-point underdog to the Nittany Lions. I know people have dreams and expectations, but I'm sorry this is not the year to defeat them. I would have loved to have played and destroyed them during the Rich Rod years, I don't see it happening with this current coaching staff. 

I'm happy for the start of football season though. 

Have yourselves a great Day, unless you are Penn State fan then may your day be filled with sorrow. =)

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