Saturday, September 25, 2021

Saturday Morning Ramblings

Here I sit once again, at home with my lovely wife after a week-long worth of travels to the Eastern Panhandle, a feat that I will once again duplicate this coming week as we work towards closing out the quarter for RTI. I will once again travel to Charles Town tomorrow afternoon to work in that area once again. 

I leave all week and come home, now Michelle is running to Calcutta, Ohio to take her stepmother Karen grocery shopping. Her sister Dani usually does it since she is so close in proximity, but she's in a wedding this weekend so Michelle is going to run up and do it. It'll be a simple day trip for her and she'll be home this evening. 

I did have a pretty good week, I had an interview on Tuesday that went pretty well. I had another one at the same time that I had to reschedule until yesterday, but that one is in the early phases. The one Tuesday I feel pretty good about. It pays more than I made at NETL moneywise, and I would have the ability to work from home pretty much exclusively. Do I think this one will work out, well I submitted my 45-page background check authorization, went for my hair drug screen (that's a whole other story), and have filled out my 155-page offer letter that I'll send back this weekend. It's only a short-term 3-month contract, but you never know. I'll be doing GIS again and I'll be able to add a few lines to the resume that may be of some interest to a number of power companies. Then again this extensive onboarding is because it is a big client that delivers 817 square miles of power to Allegheny and Beaver Counties in Pennsylvania.  It's a W-2 Contract, so no benefits or Paid Time off or anything, but the money is good. I will be working for RTI as well as this job is one I will be working from home. I have to go to Pittsburgh on October 11 and pick up my laptop, docking station, and a couple of monitors to have at home. I'm pretty happy, it's a start. 

Speaking of the drug screen, that's a whole different story. I had to have it done by close of business this coming Tuesday and I'm traveling next week. So they set me up at LabCorp to do my drug screen, the only problem is the client wanted a hair follicle test, where it would show over a longer period of time. I have nothing to hide, except LabCorp only takes hair from the top of the head, no other body locations. Couldn't provide it from any other location other than what grows on the top of my head and samples need to be at least 2" in length. That created a bit of a problem so to speak. So they contacted Quest in Uniontown who does other area samples, and I had to be there by 2:30 as that is when they close. I had to boot scoot it north to Uniontown to let them basically de-hair my chest, about the only place on my body that grows any hair other than my eyebrows and my ears which Michelle won't let grow. Long story short, we got the sample so they can run the tests. As much hair as I currently have left on my body,  I hope no one else needs any samples. 

Have yourselves a great day. 

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