Saturday, October 24, 2020

Saturday Morning Ramblings

Here I sit once again in a quiet household, I'm up watching who knows what and collecting my thoughts for the day. Peanut's agent Kiwi still has her holding out for contract negotiations despite being outside the last three days. I'm sitting here flying solo without my co-author and trying to wake up for the day. 

Michelle and I both did our civic duty yesterday, rather than waiting for the 2020 General Election day of voting on November 3, we decided to to go ahead to one of the early polling places (The alumni center for us) and cast our votes for the 2020 General Election. Nationwide so far and we are 10 days before the general election, there have been 54,246,796 people vote early or by absentee as of press time. How does that compare to early voting in the 2016 election? With 10 more days to go until election day, there have been 7,231,200 more people vote early this election than 2016. Michelle and I are included in that number and I know a number of family members from both sides of the family have also done so. Below is a portion of a spreadsheet I have tracking early voters compared to 2016 based on the totals from 2016 overall number of voters. 

Based on 2016 Overall Voters

It was a good day for Monongalia County Football Teams last night, all 4 teams managed to end the evening with a win and that's the first time I can actually recall that happening in some time. Congratulations to all Mon County Teams. 

The Mountaineers travel to Texas today to take on the Texas Tech Red Raiders this evening at 5:30. Texas Tech who was an underdog last year put an unexpected whooping on us and Neal Brown and crew will be trying to return the favor this evening. The game will be broadcast on ESPN 2. 

Have yourselves a great day. 

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