Monday, October 19, 2020

Another Week

Here we are once again, another week to start doing what we all do for a living, it's time to put those collective noses back onto the grindstone for another week of changing the world with what you all do. 

Looking at my schedule for the week it's still wide open with nothing planned for me this week, I know Michelle has another surgery follow up later this week from her wrist surgery a couple of months ago. She also has her therapy a couple of times this week to continue to rehab her wrist. 

Not this week, but next Tuesday I have Pearl Scheduled to go into the garage once again. A couple of months ago she needed a new dual exhaust, now the clutch is starting to slip and I'm going to have a new clutch stuck in. I've assisted in changing one clutch years ago with my brother in law George, but I don't have space, jacks, or patience to replace it so I stopped in and scheduled it with Brian from Hartsell's Exxon. 

I did have a pretty good sports weekend believe it or not. Morgantown had a convincing win Friday night, the Mountaineers looked real good in their win Saturday and the Steelers managed to beat the Cleveland Browns yesterday. Pretty good sports weekend to say the least. 

Have yourselves a great day, do something that makes this world a better place today.

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