Monday, October 12, 2020

Lather, Rinse, Re-Monday

Alright all of you working stiffs of the world, I'll tell you what I'm going to do for you. How about by my authority at George's Journal I extend your weekend one more day. Let's even make it a Federal Holiday, we'll call it Columbus Day and you can take the day off with pay in many cases. Just because I like you. 

The girls all made it back from their extended weekend yesterday, and believe it or not they did in fact meet my 100 Photograph Challenge and there may be more coming when Amy gets her pictures off of her camera. Talking to Kim, Brittany and Michelle yesterday, they all seemed like everyone had a really good and memorable time, which kind of warms my heart. 

My agenda for this week is a trip to go listing one day this week, it will be in Wood County around Parkersburg, so there are 100+ miles of travel each way if I do it all in one day, then if I stay there is the per diem money, I'm going to try to do it all in one day...hopefully. I'll start setting the segment up today so that it goes pretty smoothly for me. 

For those of you with the day off, enjoy your extended weekend, and for those of you working stick those noses back to the grindstone. 

Have a Great Day!!!....Steelers are 4-0

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