Sunday, April 01, 2018

Sunday's Real Blog

OK I wrote my April Fools Day blog about three weeks ago, tot sure how effective that is was going to be.

First off I would like to tell everyone Happy Easter. The Holiest Day of the year for Christians. I hope everyone's day is filled with family, good times and creating lots of memories with special people.

I did finally get a chance yesterday to make a drone flight without my control panel being in training mode. I took it up to about 370' and even had it going about 45 MPH in doing so.

I was looking for places to fly yesterday, I first stopped at Mylan Park, but it was a little windy down where I was going to fly so I decided to try Mason Dixon Park. If anyone wants to know where there is a big Easter Egg Hunt next year, Mason Dixon Park is your answer. Cars were parked everywhere, places were roped off and I wasn't flying there so I returned to Mylan Park.

The video of yesterday's flight is attached and this blog.

Happy Easter and Have a great day.

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