Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Hump Day

Well there are two days that are done, now it's just a matter of getting up and over this dreaded noon time hump and it will be all downhill towards that as we work towards another fun filled weekend.

I would first like to take this opportunity to wish my Brother In Law Jim a very Happy Birthday today. Jim is also a local auctioneer and I have discussed his auctions on multiple occasions on my blog.

I'm working both jobs again today, start the day at NETL and I'll finish my day out once again doing field work and trying to get interviews as the quarter keeps rolling along. Another week or so and I'll be able to wind down a little and relax and do a little clean up. I have opened all my line in all my sections, so now it's just a mater of finalizing them and wrapping them up.

Have yourselves a super day

Hi ho hi ho

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