Sunday, April 15, 2018


Here I sit once again in a quiet household, Michelle is still up in Ellwood City but will be returning home this evening after spending the weekend for Maddy's Birthday Party. I'm still holding down the fort until she returns.

Michelle and I did work in unison yesterday as we managed to get Hayley a car to replace the one with the smashed front end that is sitting in the driveway. We're not sure what condition that car is in or if it can be fixed, but that is now a Chad project and we'll see if he can work any kind of magic. For right now, Hayley has reliable transportation to get her back and forth from work. It needs some minor routine maintenance, like an oil change and replace the plugs and wires, but her boyfriend Tyler is taking care of that for her.

Peanut had a nice long Meoutside Day yesterday and is already telling me "Dad, open the door I want to Play" already. I do tend to speak Cat fluently and her and I have a good communication although she usually refers to me as Human rather than

I'm off today, and will be doing the shopping and laundry for the week so I'm the domestic goddess today I guess.

Have yourselves a great day and enjoy the weather.

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