Friday, December 26, 2014

A Humbling Day

Siblings Mick and Jean (RIP)
Yes Yesterday was Christmas, however it has to have been the most humbling day of my life. Going on little to no sleep Christmas Eve due to the passing of Jean after her long battle with Pancreatic Cancer, I woke up with a second dose of reality. As I woke up, I found out that my Uncle Mickey, Jean's brother, has also passed away on what we believe Christmas Eve.

No one was able to reach him by phone to inform him of Jean's passing, so first his daughter Sherri and then his son Michael drove to his home late night Christmas Eve to find that he had also passed.

My sister Pam said that Jean started to become real restless in the early AM prior to her passing on Christmas Eve, being these two siblings were very close many of us are wondering if that is when something happened to Mick and Jean just knew it. Her demise was expected, Mick had even stopped in at the hospital Sunday evening to see her and he looked great, so to say that his passing was a surprise is an absolute understatement.

My heart goes out to Sandy and Richard, who lost two siblings and Michael and Sherri who lost their father and Aunt as well as their respective families as well as my own siblings during this time of double loss/grieving. One we were prepared for, the other we were not. RIP Mick Toth and Jean Hall, I am a better man for knowing each of you.

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