Monday, September 02, 2019

Labor Day

Well today I get to sit back and enjoy my third day of a three day Holiday Weekend. it is Labor Day in the United States and it is a Federal Holiday and also the unofficial end of Summer and start of Fall, although that won't be official for another three weeks.

I seem to remember when I was a kid, Labor Day was when you got ready to go back to school, and all those TV networks (three of them) would introduce their Fall Season for returning shows and it was when new shows were introduced. I think the best term would be sweeps week for this week, but those days are now gone by.

Normally we would fire up the smoker or the grill today, but we're not doing that this year. Michelle and I are just going to spend a relaxing day at home and a day off from all the jobs we work.

Hurricane Dorian has not been too kind to the people of Florida or in the Caribbean. It's being a real pain in the neck and can't make its mind up where it wants to go to.

Have yourselves a great day, enjoy the time with Family and Friends and make it memorable.

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