Wednesday, September 11, 2019

15 Years!!!!!

You know Wednesdays are usually my hardest day to write a blog. Never really have anything to say as it is the middle of a work week and I'm just usually going through the motions. Except for today.

It was on this day in 2004 that I found a website called blogger and made my very first post. I was trying to add life to my website, which is now my blogger page. It was something my sister Kim used to do, it was a weblog that you would write about your life and then post it for others to see. So I decided I would try this blogging thing to record my life.

What has it seen, numerous nephews and Neices graduating High School, one even graduating College. It saw me go through a few relationships and eventually meet, start dating and eventually marry my wife. It saw new members welcomed to the family and said goodbye to others. It's helped me plan picnics and events, talked about Softball and Trivia Challenges. I've shared numerous pictures and even talked about a friend signing to play College Baseball and eventually work his way into the Major Leagues. It's seen feuds and friendships, seen all kinds of joy and sorrow and has allowed me to express and share my life right here on on this cyber reality site.

Here is to 15 years and here is to the next 15 years of being a blogger.

Hard to imagine I ever stuck with this that long.

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