Wednesday, May 01, 2019

It's May!!!!

Here we go again, the middle of the work week and I'm trying to come up with content for a that is not a beginning or ending to a week, not a theme and not a live weekend post. It's the day I struggle with the most....usually.

Wow did April just fly by, it's already the first day of May and the middle of Finals week for the students at WVU. That means that this town is about to get empty within the next couple of days as the students our winding up their year. Less cars on the roads, less traffic and a semi-peaceful time for the full time Morgantown residents. It's still a couple weeks to go before Commencement, but most of the undergrads will be going back home for the Summer. Yippee!!

The NFL draft allowed a few Mountaineers to find new homes at the next level. As of Press time Will Grier (3rd Round to the Panthers), Yodney Cajuste (3rd round to the Patriots), Gary Jennings (4th round to the Seahawks), Trevon Wesco (4th round to the Jets) and David Long (6th round to the Titans have all been selected in the NFL Draft. I'm sure in the coming days others will be signing as Free Agents.

Congratulations to all the Mountaineers who were selected in the NFL Draft and to those who signed NFL Contracts, it was an honor to watch each and every one of you play.

Have yourselves a great day.

Hi ho hi ho

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