Saturday, May 11, 2019

Saturday Morning Ramblings

Here I sit on a quiet Saturday morning, I'm up watching the movie zookeeper and collecting my thoughts for the day. The cable box didn't reset again (always does it on weekends), this morning, so I'm streaming one of my movies I have as I write this and wake up.

My day, once again I will be traveling down south to work again, today will be my second 20 day streak of working one job or the other since this quarter began. That is 40 out of 41 days that I have worked one job or the other or both, the only day off I have taken was Easter Day. My section is pretty much worked down and I'm traveling to help fill in for a segment where we had one of our employees quit this quarter. Hopefully they have the position filled next quarter or at least bring in a traveler to work it.

How has my week been? Well we got Ice back from the shop on Tuesday after getting it repaired from the errant tire that banged into her side when Michelle was coming home a few weeks ago. Center Service did a pretty good job on it and we're happy to have it back. Pearl, the car I drive had her windshield replaced on Thursday. I formed a crack a couple of weeks ago then last Saturday that crack extended into my line of site so it needed replaced. Went to Safelite on Thursday and it was done in about an hour. They would have come to my place of business, but when I was setting up the appointment their master phone system went down and I just made it easy and scheduled it on the internet. I took half a day off and renewed Ice's plates for two more years.

Have yourselves a great day today

Hi ho hi ho

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