Sunday, January 07, 2018


Here I sit on a quiet Sunday Morning, I'm the first one to recover from getting knocked out by that dreaded Sandman last night and I'm up collecting my thoughts for the day and surfing the web.

The quarter started yesterday for me with RTI and continues today as I go out and do some more screenings and work through this first section before I address the next one. I did get off to a pretty decent start, but that is how I like to start every quarter.

I did manage to be able to make it to Ryleigh's birthday party yesterday, I went out early enough that I was able to get everything done before heading to Blacksville for the party.

Ang had her dressed up as Minnie Mouse and she had a great time opening all of her presents. She was having a ball opening them all and I'm sure she felt like a loved little girl with the very nice turnout this year. I got there late, so parking wasn't so abundant when I first arrived, but my sister Terri had to go to work and I managed to sneak into her spot as she pulled out.

West Virginia played and beat #7 Oklahoma last night here in Morgantown 89-76 last night. A few teams ranked ahead of us this past week, so my guess is the Mountaineers may be ranked as high as #3 when the new polls come out mid-week.

Have yourselves a great day.

Hi ho hi ho

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