Friday, January 05, 2018

I'm Coming Home

As I am off for the next few days traveling to St. Louis, I am pre-writing s number of my blogs to keep it active and going and to let people know what I am doing.

Well training and certification are over with, now it is time for me to return home to see my lovely wife and spend a little bit of time with her.

I will be flying out of St. Louis this morning at 7:00 their time on American Airlines 4733 and I will be heading to a city that I have never been in yet, the city of brotherly love and the home of Rocky Balboa, Philadelphia Pennsylvania and arrive at 10:17 local time. I don't get too much time to enjoy the place as I will be flying out of there at 11:15 on American Airlines 788 and arrive back in Pittsburgh at 12:33 PM. Then it is a matter of getting my luggage and heading down South in Interstate 79 to see my Baby who I am truly missing.

I would say my training mission is about finished, now it's time to get to work once I get home, which means I am probably not going to have much if any time off at all for the month of January,.

Let's get this party started.

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JackCrab said...

Git er dun George! Hope yer have no delays today!

Welcome back home!