Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Tuesday's Tidbits

* Well that dreaded and dreary day we call Monday is now over with, now we are looking at that less dreadful Tuesday can't think of a better reason to do a tidbits.

* There have been 19,189 days since my birth, I'm fortunate to be able to continue to add to that total. Using my unique 905 day Calendar that makes me 21 =)

* It has been 4,412 days since I graduated from West Virginia University, it had always been a dream of mine and I finally fulfilled it.

* 3,013 days ago I took a very special lady out on our very first date, it was Pizza Hut and a movie, and we are still going strong today. I am a very lucky man to have this wonderful woman in my life.

* It was 2,237 days ago that Michelle and I announced our engagement, I felt I had made her wait for than long enough and if I made her wait any longer she would have probably killed me. =)

* It was 1,774 days ago that Michelle and I had our wedding in front of our closest friends and family at the Marilla Center, the most special day in my life so far.

* I have around 5,648 or so days to go until retirement, give or take a few hundred here or there one way or the other.

* In 2,286 more days the Backyard Brawl Football Rivalry between WVU and Pitt will once again resume. I feel a butt kicking of some Panthers coming up.

* Phil will one again take center stage in 233 more days as we celebrate Ground Hogs Day, he did his job it was just Mother Nature who was not cooperative this year.

* I have 200 more days of content to write until my Goodbye 2016 blog is posted, recounting my previous year based on events that were posted right here in my blog.

* If you haven't started Christmas Shopping yet, you still have 194 more days to go to get this accomplished. It's never too early to start planning.

* There are 170 more days until the next anniversary of my 21st Birthday, using that conventional 365 day calendar.

* There are only 116 days to go until we attempt once again to go to the Springs Festival in Springs PA. Last years event was a little dampened, hopefully we can get back up there this year and get some vegetables.

* There are but a mere 89 days to go until our next Cruise, this one has been the longest countdown as we booked it last year on our last cruise and we are really now starting to get ready for it. It's all paid off now and just waiting for us to get on the ship.

* 70 days to go until Jimmy Buffett in Burgettstown, not too late to still get tickets to see this legendary performer and the Coral Reefer Band. I'm waiting for the concert and another great tailgate with a great group of Parrot Heads.

* In 53 more days Michelle and I will be celebrating our Fifth Wedding Anniversary together, I am a very lucky man.

* In 19 days we will be partying down at the Third Annual Friends and Family Picnic at Krepps Park, I'm ready for the celebrating to commence and the picnicking to begin. Hopefully we have much nicer weather this year.

* There are but a mere 7 days to go until the "Official" start of Summer, although I think we are already there and have been celebrating it so far.

* I have written 4,495 blogs in the 11 3/4 years that I have been writing this blog. That's a lot of thoughts, ideas, rants, announcements and emotions that I have put into this site over the years.

* Nothing new on the brother search, I know big surprise on that bullet as it is getting stale.

* No work done this week on the Hall Family Tree, it's just that time of the year when I don;t concentrate on this site as there are too many things going on.

* Hopefully I'm feeling alright today, Grandpa here played Softball again last night. That's 4 games into the season and I'm still going strong. Double header next Monday.

* Congratulations to the Pittsburgh Penguins on winning their fourth Stanley Cup Sunday evening.

* .Amy and Kim were talking recently and had an idea, my siblings and I first took this picture together in 1978. It was the first time that all of us were together. Amy says she has a barn to use and we should try to duplicate that picture 40 years later. Now I have to find a blue Elvis shirt, green shorts and Miami Dolphin ugly color tube socks. I just need to find this iron on and I'll have a start. I found it....lol

* Make the most of today and live it to the fullest because tomorrow is never promised.

* Hi ho hi ho

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