Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father's Day

Today we take a little bit of time out and celebrate our fathers. It's Father's Day, another holiday dedicated to our parents that despite what you may hear, actually just like Mother's Day has it's roots right here in North Central WV at Fairmont WV is on record as the first recognition of a Father's Day Service.

My Father, as pictured here years ago doing a job that he loved so much, is no longer with us and has been gone since we lost him in 1999 but he will never be forgotten.
Another man who was very special in my life and was very much an inspiration and a father figure to me was my Father's Father, My grandfather Ellis Hall who has been gone since 1977.

I do try to take a little time out a few times a year and visit both of these men's grave sites. They are both laid to rest in different cemeteries in different parts of town, but I make the effort to go several times a year to each and make sure that their grave sites look nice and that they are both honored and presented properly.

To all of the men out there who are Fathers, the ones who are true daddies I bow to you and what you have done. If you have inspired your children like my father and grandfather have inspired me then you have done one heck of a job, so enjoy your day.

Happy Father's Day

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