Monday, June 27, 2016


The weekend is over with, my last calm weekend for a while is now behind me and now my weekends will be busy for a while as I have a number of things planned over the next few weeks including working my second job. So much for the relaxation, now it's time to put my nose on the grindstone for another fun filled week of work.

I do head back to the softball diamond tonight, we have a double header at 6:00 and another game at 7:00 this evening. We were off last week and will be off next week for the 4th of July, but this will put us up and over the halfway point on our season. It's been a lot of fun and if the opportunity presents itself again next year I'll play again. I've had a lot of fun out there this season.

Yesterday Michelle and I went out and shot a few rounds through all of our handguns. It had been a while since we last shot and we needed to get out and do that. It gave me a chance to make sure that they were all cleaned up and lubricated and all in good working order in case the need would ever arise that either of us would have to use one. They are not sitting around unloaded and collecting dust, that is for sure.

Have yourselves a great day today, make the most of it.

Hi ho hi ho

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