Monday, June 06, 2016

Good Luck Chad

For most of us it is the start of the work week. The day the weekend ends and we all head back to our places of business and do what it is we do for a living to start another work week. It's not exactly a day that any of us gets excited about to say the very least.

Today however Michelle's son Chad starts a new job at West Virginia University. It's more money than he was making at his previous job and a chance to continue to work with animals which has been his passion. Good Luck to Chad today as you start at WVU. It was a short journey, but you have made it despite what you may have feared.

For Michelle and I it is back to the office and business as usual. Nothing major on either of our agendas this week, although we will be attending a couple special kids birthday party this weekend. I do have another Softball game tonight, we were off last week and return to action this evening at 7:00 PM at Ogden Field. Come on over and cheer on a bunch of old guys making fools of themselves, well namely this old guy making a fool of

Have yourselves a super fantastic day.

Hi ho hi ho

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