Sunday, October 05, 2014

Sunday Morning Ramblings

Here I am once again, up in the early AM and the first one in the household to awaken, I just got up and don't even have the TV on yet as I'm contemplating going back to bed for a little while, but we'll just have to wait and see on that one.

Yesterday was a good day, we did go to the Springs Festival and met up with Smitty and Steph, we also got a good deal of vegetables and some of the infamous sauerkraut that keeps selling out each year. I've vacuum sealed what we bought and have stuck it into the freezer and will have it on News Years Day with a little pork. Sounds like a decent plan to me since I'm not a big sauerkraut person but I did try a little of what we bought yesterday and it was really good. I can see why they sell so much of it.

It was just a month again we were in the Caribbean and we got out of the car yesterday in sub 40° weather and the wind was just whipping. It was so strong that it made the wind chill quite uncomfortable. I'm glad I'm glad I wore a sweater and took a small jacket with my gloves in them, because it was downright uncomfortable.

Afterwards we went to the Whispering Pines store for a while, we absolutely love their furniture that they make or import form Amish Country in Ohio. Finished off our trip with lunch at Casselmans  before taking a drive up to Deep Creek to see the changing of the leaves up there. It's almost prime season, I would say give Western Maryland another week and West Virginia another week or better to reach that prime season.

We watched the Mountaineers beat Kansas 33-14 yesterday afternoon when we returned home. I was happy with the first half, but a little concerned on how the second half played out. I'm a little less optimistic for the season that I was before yesterdays game. I'm not sure if this coach or staff knows how to make in game adjustments.

Todays plans are just our normal Sunday routine. Shopping and Laundry and maybe watch the Steelers game on TV.

Have a Great Sunday.

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