Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday Morning Ramblings

Here I sit on a quiet Sunday morning, I'm the first one to recover with that losing battle with that undefeated Sandman from last night. Michelle is still feeling the effects of that dramatic battle last night.

We once again dog sat last night as we have surrendered Gracie back to Hayley and have Lilly and the Little Rock of Love as house guests. It's Michael's birthday weekend and they went out of town for the night and we're watching the puppies. Rocky does seem to be doing much much better since being run over by a car before Christmas.

Yesterday there was a new business that opened in Morgantown called My Dive Shop LLC, a store that specialized in scuba and snorkel equipment. Michelle and I have talked about getting our own equipment as opposed to continually renting equipment from the cruise line to do our snorkeling. We purchased our own equipment yesterday and were the very first paying customers. The masks are much nicer than the ones you rent on cruise ships and we bought top of the line snorkels. Ones that will not allow water into the tops and easily lets you expel the water out the bottom and even while under water.

Yesterday was our sixth Anniversary of our first date, so we went out to a late lunch for celebrate the event. Red Lobster was where we ended up going, and like always the food was awesome.

Have a great Sunday and make sure you run out and get bread and toilet paper before we get snow tonight and tomorrow. No worries though, it's supposed to be in the upper 50°'s all week. Looks like Winter is losing it's strength and Mother Nature is allowing Spring to come. Have I ever mentioned that I Hate Snow?

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