Sunday, August 11, 2013

Late Sunday Morning Blog

Yes, I have slept in this morning and am late doing my blog this morning, we stayed up last night and watched the Steelers game and then stayed up and watched the Pudgy Polamalus on the KDKA Steelers Trivia Challenge. Looks like we won and will advance to the semi-finals. We'll be on again on August 31.

I stopped up and saw Terri for a few hours yesterday, been a while since I had done that so I decided to go to Big Kahuna's for lunch. She made the suggestion of everyone going out for breakfast at Golden Coral some Sunday morning in the near future and making it a monthly thing just to get everyone together a little more often. I agree and might try setting something up in the near future like we did for my Mother's 70th birthday earlier this year.

Short blog, gotta run

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