Monday, January 07, 2013

Weekend Wrapup

Well the fun filled times that we call the weekend are now over and it's time to stick our noses back on the grindstone and do what we do that allows us to have the fun we do. However, I'll hang onto the weekend just a little while longer with this blog.

We got into pretty much nothing yesterday other than grocery shopping and relaxing a little bit on the day of rest. I know I for one am done with winter and am ready for the warmer weather with shorts and sandals. I'm ready for the smell of fresh foliage everywhere you look and not the smell of cinders on the roads.

I did buy a copy of of our tax software for the 2012 season. I used to use H&R Blocks TaxCut but they have switched that the past few years to H&R Block at Home which I have used since the switch. I've always had good luck using H&R Blocks software, so I have tended to stick with it through the years. We usually buy the Deluxe edition which includes 5 Free Federal Filings as well as the State's software. I have all my taxes from 2003 backed up using that software, I store the files on a jump drive and the paper copies in one of the fire protected safes that we have.

We have made a little bit of change around here. We have tended to eat our meals on our computers and have gotten away from the dinner table. We've decided that we want to go back to using a dinner table to eat our meals. It brings the family element back into play, when you do grab and goes you tend to get lost into the internet and don't spend a whole lot of quality time together, so we have set up the dinner table to be used for all dinners. I think this is something too many Americans have gotten away from, we live in too much of a fast paced world and sometimes you just need to take a little bit of time out.

Hi ho hi ho

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