Sunday, January 13, 2013


Once again here I sit in a quiet household, I'm the only one who has recovered from a losing battle with the sandman from last night. I've actually slept in a little today, which is a little unusual for me.

It's going to be a Golden Coral 70th birthday kind of morning for me as we are all meeting at the Golden Coral to celebrate my Mom's 70th birthday. She likes breakfast food and she likes the Golden Coral, so Terri organized for everyone to go to breakfast this morning. So Mom, if you don't know about this and you are reading this, SURPRISE...LOL

We had a great day yesterday, Michelle wanted to go to Fashion Bug since they are going out of business and they are having a huge liquidation sale. We managed to hit the one in Fairmont as well as the one in Clarksburg.

I did manage to finally take Michelle to Muriale's for lunch yesterday. We have been trying to make it down there for a few weeks, Michelle had never eaten there, and yesterday was a perfect opportunity early in the afternoon. She loved it and I think we will make some return visits when we visit Fairmont.

Have a great day.

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