Sunday, November 04, 2012

Trick or Treating last night

Let's talk about Trick or Treating, because our Football team is not worth discussing.

We headed up to East Gate last night for Trick or Treat, which had been postponed a couple of times due to the weather and the recent hurricane.

As we were heading up there last night I told Michelle it would either be feast or famine with the trick or treaters. Either they were going to get swamped as they were the only place doing it last night, or the Football game was going on and people would be at the stadium.

Jean usually get's 3-400 visitors as East Gate is one of the local favorite places to go to for Trick or Treators due to the closed environment, easy access to homes and family friendly neighborhood. Jean lived in the middle of the middle road on the lower loop, which means she gets hammered by kids coming to visit.

Well Jean started with 520 candy bars, Michelle and I added another 200, Pam added another 100 or so and Jerry (Jeans boyfriend) added another big bag. We're talking probably 1,000 small candy bars, not the bites size, but the snack size bars. By 7:10 we were completely wiped out of Candy and they were still coming.

In would call that feast, they were coming out of the woodwork to grab the candied treats. I would hate to make a guess on how many we got, but they were giving a piece to everyone and we ran out before time had expired.

It was good to see Sherri Toth and he Fiancee Chad had made it up for Halloween as well. Amy had previous commitments to help Ralphies Mom with some Music since no one on the Pike has any Electric yet.

Speaking of Amy, they are still without Power up there, they have a generator but cant do laundry, no hot water and can't use the oven.

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