Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday

That madness that is known as Black Friday Shopping is in full swing. Michelle went last night to some of the earlier sales and made it home before midnight. I did get a chance to speak to my niece Amy and she was out shopping all by herself. I told her Michelle was at the same location as she was last night.

I'm sure as I write this blog the madness is continuing, but I am safe at home and not a part of that madness in any way, size, shape and or form. I came home from a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday with the in laws and started to watch movies. I think I fell asleep during Roadhouse, but I recorded it. Classic movie.

Michelle did find a few bargain items for around the house. I asked her how bad it was last night a couple of minutes ago when she awoke for a middle of the night bathroom run, she said it was a madhouse as I'm sure it is as well right now.

Today's agenda includes us going and getting our Christmas Tree and probably some Sam's Club grocery shopping. It's earlier than we will have ever put up a tree, but we became pretty good at keeping them alive for a month or better inside the house. I think the last two trees we have taken out could have probably been planted into to the ground again and probably would have lived.

Have a great day and stay safe,

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