Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday Morning Thoughts

Well we managed to get the carpets scrubbed yesterday, we both worked on different parts of the house and went to town. The kids helped move stuff around and re-organize things so we have a place to put our Christmas tree this year. We had placed some shelves in the place we always put it, so we had to make a lot of cookware and some furniture and now we're ready for a tree.

Speaking of the tree, I think we are going to go and get ours later this week. I'm off all week and Michelle is off on Thursday and Friday. We'll be traveling Saturday for her High School Reunion, so we can knock it out on Friday and that should free up one of our weekends before Christmas.

Anyone watch the Mountaineer Game last night. Talk about an exciting game, the Mountaineers fought back late in the game to grab a lead, only to lose in the final minute on a 4th down pass play by Oklahoma 50-49. Tavon Austin was moved from WR to Running back and Oklahoma had absolutely no solution to him as he rushed for a new school record 344 yards on on 21 carries for an unheard of 16.1 YPC average. He also had 82 yards receiving and another 146 yards on Kickoff returns. That shattered the single game rushing record and the All Purpose Yards record for one game with a mind boggling 572 All-Purpose Yards.

The game should have been a blowout for Oklahoma, but the Mountaineers matured last night and found some of that early season magic. Tavon Austin, the most consistent player this season, stepped it up another notch even above what he has been playing at and made it a close game. I honestly thought we were going to pull this game out, and I think this team grew up last night. They will not lose another game this season.

Have a great day.

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