Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Hump Day

Here we go again, the single hardest blog of the week to write. It's two days away from a Monday or a Friday and stuck right in the middle of a tidbits and a Photo Flashback. It's the one blog of the week that I am the least inspired to write, barring something major has happened.

I am starting to think that my life needs a little more excitement during the week. Something I can write about and fill this empty blog. Maybe I need a new subject to write a recurring blog about. A sports roundup maybe, I'm a big football fan and love to talk about sports or something of that nature. I'm just needing a theme for the middle of the week so I can get through the day of blah and blogging.

I would have a wide variety of things to talk about, the Mountaineers, the Steelers, the Pirates, the Penguins, recruiting, rumors that I have been hearing, or just the past weeks results from one of those sports.

I could always write a blog about my fashion sense, but I don't really seem to have any. Or maybe I could write about food since I love to eat. Review restaurants or movies?

Anyone have any ideas?

Lifting and cardio

Hi ho hi ho

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