Saturday, March 24, 2012

Saturday Morning Ramblings

I sit here once again in a quiet household with everyone her but me fighting a losing battle with the Sandman. I've got the movie "Man on the Moon" playing in the background. I always like Andy Kaufman when I was a kid, so I watch this movie when it is on.

Hayley is in DC this weekend for the Cherry Blossom Festival and a big music concert. I was thinking about running down, but I would prefer to go down on an extended weekend where I am not rushed to get there, rushed to see anything and then rushed to get home so we can get everything else done.

I think Chad and Laiah are going to a reptile show in Pittsburgh today and will also be taking a trip to the Pittsburgh Zoo. They always manage to make it there at least once a year or so, or at least it's been like that since Michelle and I have been together.

WVU is playing baseball here this weekend, so that may be a possibility for us.

Have a great day and enjoy the weather.

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