Saturday, September 19, 2009

Recent Computer Infection and Repair.

I was doing a little hacking a few years ago and managed to get a very bad piece of malware. Not knowing how to stop my computer from acting strange I had no idea what to do so I searched the internet for possible help. I found it in the Tom Coyote Forums and we got my system back up and running.

Fast forward to now, and my computer had slowed down significantly and started acting strange, especially in google searches. If I would do a search, and select the search result about 50% of the time it would redirect me to some site that honestly had nothing to do with the search results. My browser (Firefox) had slowed to a crawl to a point where I installed a lite version Google Chrome Browser just to be able to surf.

I had considered setting my computer to an earlier time, but there were no restore points, something was preventing them. Time to lookup TomCoyote again.

However the site no longer exists but migrated into WhattheTech. I quickly re-registered and started the process of repairing my computer. I followed their directions and started my own thread and did what they asked me to do. After a couple rounds my computer is back to normal, no longer infected and running quickly.

I think it all started on facebook when I clicked a "Cartoonize Yourself" link. I think that is where it all started and the computer went downhill since then. Almost to a point where I was going to reformat and wipe my system out.

I'm back up and running, Thank you

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