Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Midweek Tidbits

* I think it is time for a tidbits, I'm a little overdue for one and I need something to write about so here it goes.

* Kaiden Dalton will be celebrating his first birthday in a couple of weeks. Amy is going to have a birthday party for him at the church they were married in on September 26 starting at 1:00. Celebrate with her and Ralphie as Kaiden enjoys his first birthday.

* Anyone wanting any kittens? One of the cats went out whoring around and got knocked up a couple of months ago and is about ready to pop out some kittens. I'm sure they will go fast so if you are interested let me know early.

* Kaiden is suffering from his first ear infection and he is teething, poor Amy.

* Dinner was absolutely awesome last night, Michelle baked some Cod and it turned out very well. We've been adding a lot of fish to our diets as of late.

* Do you believe that it is already hump day? I guess these short work weeks tend to make the week go faster.

* Moke called me a couple of times over the weekend, both times I either had the ringer accidentally turned off or was napping. He'll be coming in for a two week leave in February.

* Anyone planning on buying satellite TV any time in the near future. Nick is representing Dish Network , so if you are considering Dish Network, give the man a chance to earn a little commission.

* Anyone considering taking a Zumba Class? A coworker's wife is going to be doing Zumba Classes at Mountain Valley Apartments in the very bear future. Classes will be $5.00 each or you can buy a punch card good for 10 visits for $40.00 if anyone is interested.

* Today is 9-9-09

* It's Midweek and this was my tidbits.

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