Saturday, September 12, 2009

Game today

West Virginia will be taking on the East Carolina Pirates today and trying to extract some revenge for last years beating that were handed. Last year the Mountaineers were two games removed from handily beating last years Heisman Trophy winner and a team that played for a share of the National Championship. Expectations were high last year, but we were handily beaten by the ECU Pirates 3-24.

The keys to winning today are going to be what we failed to do last year and are pretty simple. Offensively we just need to move the chains. Simply work for 10 yards and a fresh set of downs and keeping possession of the ball. Big plays are nice and we do have playmakers, but holding possession of the ball gives your play makers more chances to make those plays. If your offense goes out and runs three plays and has to punt, it's going to be a long day.

Defensively we need to be able to stop them on 3rd down. Last year Patrick Pinkney was a player who managed to keep making the plays for ECU, especially on third downs. We could have him set up in 4rd and longs and he was still making the plays somehow.

Keep the ball and keep your opponent off the field are the basics of the game, I think with all our big name play makers over the past few years we might have lost sight of that.

Let's Go Mountaineers

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