Friday, January 11, 2008

Official Hiring News

Ok, earlier today there were three official hires named for the WVU coaching staff.

Steve Dunlap was the first new coach named. It is believed he will be coaching the linebackers. He was the Defensive Coordinator in 1996 when WVU had the #1 ranked defense in the country.

Dave Lockwood
was also named as an assistant coach. He played for Don Nehlen in the late 80's and was on Rich Fraudriguez's first staff in 2001.

Chris Beatty is the third coach officially named today. He is a young Running Back's coach from Northern Illinois who was a very successful High School coach in Virginia. This hire intrigues me considering that Bill Stewart gave Mike Tomlin his start. Something tell me this is a gem of a hire, one that will be a household name in a few years.

There is one other announcement that will take place at 11:00 tomorrow when Doc Holiday will officially be announced as the associate head coach. Doc has been the recruiting coordinator and associate head coach at the University of Florida. Up until last week, U of F were the defending National Champions and have the current Heisman trophy winner.

There will be a few more hires to come, no rumors at this time. We still need to name an Offensive Coordinator, an Offensive Line Coach and a Strength and Conditioning coach.

All three positions that need filled have solid candidates, but nothing confirmed yet. This staff may be stronger than the one that just left.

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