Friday, January 04, 2008

The Challenge for 2008

Last year I challenged quite a few BLOGGERS to a post challenge. Each one had a certain number of posts that they had to meet for the year. My Sister Kim openly accepted her challenge of 100 posts for the calender year 2007. She met and beat that challenge and asked me to raise the bar for 2008.

So, I was thinking in 2008 of where I could raise the bar to where she could still meet the challenge, but still have time to come up with quality content. It is hard sometimes coming up with new material all of the time. Last year I did in excess of 400 BLOG posts.

I see Kim is off to a solid start in 2008. I WAS going to double the challenge to 200 posts for 2008, but since her recent activity decided to raise the bar a little higher.

Kim, your challenge for 2008 is 225 Blog posts during the 2008 calender year. It is a number you can easily obtain, and if you meet it it will give you something to reflect on for 2008. This is an easy number to get, just be steady and don't get sidetracked.

You have your challenge.

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