Sunday, September 04, 2022


Kiwi and I are up having another one of our intelligent conversations like we usually do. He really is starting to say "Alexa" and followed by "Play Bird Sounds" which is something that we used to loop for him when we had him in the bedroom. Out in the living room, he likes to interact with everyone. 

We did manage to get out grass cut yesterday morning, Michelle cut as I ran the weed eater and we knocked it out in nothing flat this time. We did learn after a couple of weeks ago, to avoid Poison Ivy come in and shower and scrub with Fels Naptha and scrub pretty good. I know it is laundry soap, but it is made of an ingredient that will remove the poison ivy oils, unlike regular soap. A number of people in a safety meeting at Duquense Light were talking about it. It's about removing the urushiol

After cutting grass and ridding our bodies of urushiol we headed up north to Harry's. We were running low on Hamburger so we made our trip to Harry's to get some. If you have a freezer, they have the best hamburger that you can either get loose or in one-pound packages. When you buy 10 lbs or more it's only $4.50 a pound. If you had a hamburger at Amy's this summer when we did the memorial day cookout, that's the same meat. Picked up a few other things, Hot Sausage (the stuff everyone complimented at Christmas time) and some beef tips. 

From there, we decided we love fresh corn, especially in the winter. A few times we have purchased a bit of it, parboiled it and froze it in little packages. It's the best way to preserve that summer corn on the cob taste that you just can't get with frozen ears from the supermarket. Yesterday we also went to Mal's and purchased a couple dozen ears Check out their website for when and where they are open. . They are planning on having their stands set up until November this year and I highly recommend them.  Today's activities include us shucking a couple of dozen ears, parboiling and removing the corn from the cob and freezing it. Kiwi wants to help, but I think he would eat what he peels. 

Have yourselves a great day, our menu is loaded into our Evernote, the app we always use for menu planning and a wide array of other thing, so now it's a time to do the weekly grocery shopping. 

Oh and Pitt still Eats Shitt

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