Monday, September 05, 2022

Labor Day

Here I sit on a quiet Monday morning, Kiwi is even still sleeping and I'm wondering why I am up. I'm off today and Kiwi is even going to sleep in. No early morning discussions about him trying to get a patent on his Kiwi Gnat Anialator 5000 that he wants. 

So what are my plans for day 3 of my three-day weekend? Pretty much nothing, we've gotten everything we wanted to do this weekend already done. We parboiled our corn yesterday and froze 15 baggies to use later in the year or next year. We made a trip to Harry's and stocked up, got the grass cut, and now we are just taking it easy until Tuesday Morning. 

You have to love the days you can sleep in, you have to love the days where there is absolutely nothing that you have to do, you have to love the days where your biggest highlight is going to be a nap, and that is all today. You know, sometimes you just need a day like that to sleep in and have absolutely zero plans for the day other than doing my semi-weekly shaving of the Mellon atop of my shoulders. I can even wait to do that to be honest with

Enjoy your Labor Day, I hope everyone makes some special memories and goes into tomorrow nice and refreshed and relaxed. 

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