Sunday, September 11, 2022

My Blog is a Legal Adult

It all started 18 years ago to day. A guy I worked with made the statement that he was a grogger not a blogger and I had no idea what he was talking about. I knew what a grogger was as he was a beer drinker and it was kind of slang for saying that they liked beer. A Blogger on the other hand, I had no idea what it was so I researched it. 

It turns out a blogger was something short for a web log, or a journal so to speak. My sister Kim had done a few of them like a diary on her old website where she would post her thoughts for the day. Google had a website that you may have heard of, it was called Blogger. A place where you could put your thoughts on the day on the internet. It gave you a number of options to design and even had a number of templates readily available, plus you could actually embed HTML into your posts. This was actually something I was pretty proficient with as I used to design my own web pages and I had to write out the code because I started doing it with an old WebTV, which I was actually one of the first 5,000 people to have one. 

So on September 11, 2004 I decided to create a Blogger account (this one) and post my very first Blog Post. I had no idea what would become of this new venture, but looking back it is something that I am very thankful that I did.

The last 18 years has seen me go from job to job, it saw me meet my wonderful wife and get married, it helped me find my long-lost brother Jonathan, it has said goodbye to family members and welcomed the births of new ones. It has basically been a chronological and searchable online point of reference about my life and the things around it. It is a documentation of my thoughts and the loved ones around me. 

So for the last 18 years, I have averaged 1.05357686454 blog posts a day to give me my 6,911 of my current count. As a point of reference, my blog is less than 2 months younger than my great niece Erica and she's graduating High School this year. 

My Blog is now old enough to Vote, 

Have yourselves a great day and here's to the next 18 years of blogging. 

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