Saturday, September 17, 2022

Saturday Morning Rambling

Here Kiwi and I sit (Yes, this is Kiwi in his hut) on an early Saturday Morning. He has been up analyzing game film all night for Coach Brown to use this afternoon. He said the Offense is good and he really concentrated on trying to help the Defense stop someone. He is a Master of all trades and he said he is going to demonstrate it today by calling the defensive plays for the Mountaineers. 

It's game day once again, the Mountaineers play host to Towson this afternoon at 1:00. If you watched last week's game, you are going to have to watch it in a similar fashion as it is once again on ESPN+, which is a subscription service. This is the game that the Mountaineers should win easily and we should get some repetitions from a lot of the backups. It's all Big XII games for the remainder of the season after today. 

I will once again be watching and hoping that the total disaster of last week will never happen again, hopefully, we can put together a good game where everyone is on the same page. If not Kiwi will fly over to the stadium and start pooping on some people to get their attention. 

Since it is a home football game, traffic is going to be heavier and it's going to be tricky getting around this part of town, so allow yourself some extra travel time. 

Have yourselves a great day and Let's Go Mountaineers. 

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