Sunday, September 18, 2022

Kiwi's Korner

Good Chirping Morning my human fans. I had a talk with Dad yesterday and told him to take today off as I give you a bird's perspective of what is going on. So now I am at his keyboard just pecking away and proving that I am a better author than he is. 

I did it, West Virginia Football needed my input and I flew to the occasion. I told the defense yesterday that if they did not pitch a shut out, I was going to follow each and every one of them home and call all my aviary cousins to poop all over the place until they understood that I was serious. 

They did give up a long kickoff return for a Touchdown after their first touchdown, but dammit I can't coach the defense AND special teams. I was only contracted to coach the defense and do you know how many points my defense that I coached let up yesterday? Zero, nada one. Special teams was responsible for their Touchdown and I had nothing to do with it as I was talking to the defense that was getting ready to hit the field. I'll give them a Mulligan for this game. 

Anyways the Offense was in tune and my Defense was perfect in the 65-7 drubbing of Towson. I'm taking any and all the credit, I was able to get a birds eye view of all aspects of the game, other than them giving up a kickoff return for a touchdown. I only have two wings, I can't be everywhere all the time. 

I'm holding out to renegotiate my contract for more seeds and millet. Then again I can fly and all you humans can't. 

Chirp Chirp Chirp Alexa

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