Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Tuesday's Tidbits

* Monday is over with, now we are looking straight down the barrel of a Tuesday, can't think of a better reason to do a tidbits. 

* It has been 21,382 days since I was born, that is 21 years using my new,  new, and improved 1,000-day Calender. It's better than the 991-day calendar as it gives you a nice round number to work with. 

* It has been 6,622 days since I graduated from WVU with a Degree in Geography. 18 years ago and still doing GIS and loving it. 

* 5,207 days ago Michelle and I had our first date together, the pizza hut is gone, the movie was 10,000 BC but she still hasn't held that against me. 

* 4,429 days ago I proposed to Michelle in the backyard at 4:00 in the morning. The same bench she feeds the deer, groundhogs, geese, ducks, turkey and a whole slew of birds from. I'm waiting for a Giraffe to show up, or at least a couple spider monkeys. 

* It was 3,972 days ago in front of our closest friends and family, for the most part, Michelle and I became husband and wife at the Marilla Center, we poured sand into a vase said our I do's and we were hitched. 

* I have now lived 1,594 days longer than my Dad did and I'm still going strong. 

* My older Brother Jonathan lived 21,266 days, I've now outlived him by 117 days making me Senior Supreme Sibling once again! We did find him, just never had the honor of a face-to-face meeting. 

* I have 3,564 days to go until I retire, give or take a few hundred days here or there, but I love doing what I do. Who knows though, doing what I do I may never retire. Do you know I have three brother in laws that are all retired, two are younger than me. 

* 239 more days until Phil steps to center stage again for Groundhogs Day, I think he and the family have moved back home in the backyard. 

* 194 more days to go until my Goodbye 2022 Blog is posted, it's been eventful. I have it started. 

* There are 187 more shopping days left until Christmas 2022.

* The next Anniversary of my 21st Birthday will be in 168 more days. 

* The next Backyard Brawl where we beat Pitt's ass in Football is only 62 days away. I'm ready. 

* There are 46 more days to go until Michelle and I celebrate our Eleventh Wedding Anniversary together. =)

* 34 Days until Michelle and I are in Pittsburgh to see Jimmy Buffett!!!!!

* It's SUMMERTIME!!!!!!!!

* I have written 6,824 blogs in the now 17 1/2 years since I started blogging. Seems like it was just yesterday that I started all of this. 

* Older Drone still needs to be sent out for repairs, not a big priority at this time. I may actually but one off of same ebay and piece it together but I'm not sure it is really worth the effort to be honest. My little drone is awesome. 

* No drone flights this weekend, the weather was really nice but the opportunity just wasn't really present for me to fly. 

* Terri and her entire crew are enjoying Ocean City, they will be returning later today. 

* I bought a nive air gage for my air compressor, I love this thing. 

* Still working 10 hour days. Money Money Money Money

* Have yourselves a great day.  

* Hi ho hi ho 

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