Sunday, June 12, 2022


Here I sit once again on a quiet Sunday morning. Peanut and Sophie are being cats and sleeping, Kiwi on the other hand is bound and determined to be the world's greatest bird chef. I keep telling him he is mixing up the definition and they are talking about cooking birds, but he insists he is better than Gordon Ransey and will be the world's greatest bird chef. He's even given me a menu today to shop for. He already ordered a full kitchen from Amazon. Alexa Alexa Alexa. 

Grocery shopping is on our agenda for this morning. Kiwi has already given me his list, but Michelle and I have planned out the week's meals and are doing the shopping for them this morning. Yes, we have a regimented lifestyle as we plan out the week's menu on Saturday and ship for it on Sunday. That avoids the "What do you want for dinner" and the "I don't know reply" as these decisions were made well ahead of time. 

One thing I did do yesterday was stop at a couple of the local vegetable stands to look and see what they had. The squash and the zucchini were both a little small, so we'll wait. We've been starting to go to Mal's brick-and-mortar store on the old cheat road. Michelle had to ask about peaches, if you like Peaches, Romney Peaches are pretty good and should start being available here in the next few weeks. I'm not a peach person, but I did like the Romney peaches we got last season. I was actually working in Romney last year about this time, and I was a little early to load up. I wonder if Kiwi can cook with peaches, maybe make a nice peach cobbler. 

Anyways I'm back out in the field today once again working for RTI. I swear when you have quarters where there are so many transient students that you never find anyone home and it can make for long days. Doing interviews and interacting with people makes the days go by fast, that's not what I have seen this quarter which is a couple of weeks from being over. It'll be more of the same though unfortunately. Get me out of the heavily student-populated areas, please. 

Have yourselves a great day, do something to make it memorable. 

Hi ho hi ho

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